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Business Consultancy Programme

This programme is aimed at any clinician looking to accelerate the growth of their business, whether setting up a squat, or wanting to take their existing clinic to the next level.


The consultancy is a truly bespoke service catered around your needs and you will have full access to Dr Robbie Hughes and Dr Milad Shadrooh who will share their knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals, inevitably creating an opportunity for a much higher income whilst doing the type of dentistry others aspire to. The term of the consultancy is 6 months as it takes time to plan, strategise and implement the many factors that make a successful business. After the initial term, there are many options that can be discussed moving forward.

During the 6 month term, you will receive:

  • 6 one-to-one sessions with Dr Robbie Hughes and Dr Milad Shadrooh to discuss all areas customised to you such as how to convert a consultation, digital dentistry, social media, content creation, team building, smile design and smile make-overs or treatment planning.

  • Analysis of your personal brand, business, website, marketing strategies, smile make-over skill sets, workflows, dental team and social media presence.

  • Access to all Avant Garde training programmes at a 50% reduced fee.

  • Phone and group chat access with Dr Robbie Hughes and Dr Milad Shadrooh to discuss all areas such as treatment planning or marketing & content strategies.

  • Full access to Dental Excellence Lab for all case planning and execution.

  • Portal access to all webinars and online programmes.

  • Potential to have validated and fully converted patients delivered to your clinic ready for treatment. The fee would be 10% of the agreed treatment plan, you only pay once the patient pays.

  • Additional bolt on options to assist further such as over-the-shoulder training, team training, content creation days.


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