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We utilise the most up to date technology to service all major restorative work, including implant restorations alongside the injection mould workflow and FirstFit workflows. We also offer real time same day smile design, sent directly to your chair-side SprintRay 3D Printer *. Our Laboratory team are skilled in restorative, both cosmetic, implant and orthodontics.

We pride ourselves on the most up to date and forward thinking approach to 100% digital dentistry. Our services are unique in that we involve ourselves meticulously in case planning driven by our smile design protocols, mock up analysis and super high levels of predictability alongside quality in all our final restorations.

How to link your IOS to Avant Garde Laboratory:

3Shape -

Medit -

Itero - Contact Itero by phone, add


* SprintRay purchased from Avant Garde only

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Mock Up

Includes Diagnostic Wax-Up, Printed Model x 2, Mock-up Silicone Stent. Based on 10 teeth.


AG highlights-02.png

Digital Smile Design

Diagnostic Wax-Up
Printed Model
Mock-up Silicone Stent
Injection Mould Stent
Crown Lengthening Guide
FirstFit Insertion Tray

Smile Architect Design Service

(per tooth) £25

(per set) £35






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All Ceramic

Per Unit


IPS E.max
IPS E.max (FirstFit with Guide)
Zirconia (Multi, LT, MT, Prime)
Empress Multi
Milled Composite Veneer
Milled Composite Onlay
PMMA Temporary

AG highlights-05.png

Removeable Appliances

Per Arch

Bleaching Trays
Essix Retainer
Essix C-Type Retainer
Soft Nightguard
Sports Guard (Customised)
Michigan Bite Splint

Custom Printed Preparation Guide



Direct Composite

Injection Mould

Includes two clear Injection

Mould Stents for application with corresponding models.

Printed only (no models)



FirstFit Composite

Milled Veneers

Includes Milled Composite

Veneers and a FirstFit Insertion

Tray. Based on 10 teeth.


FirstFit Porcelain

Guided Prep Veneers


Includes Veneers, Prep

Guides 7 - 10, Cementation guides with lithium disilicate veneers aligned, Set of new burs 2 - 3, Insertion tray, Franky type night splint. Based on 10 teeth.

Same Day Smile Sprint

Per Unit


Sprint Smile Design per unit.


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