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Digital Composite Veneers

Injection Mould Technique

Explore the advanced Avant Garde workflow for delivering consistent and predictable digital composite veneers, every time.

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Learn the step-by-step workflow for delivering quality & predictable composite veneers.

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Learn the Avant Garde protocols for creating a world class patient journey.

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Experience a live patient demonstration for the full workflow.

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Learn how to deliver the Motivational Mockup to increase patient conversion rate, as well as the patient journey workflow that build powerful brands.

Learn The Injection Mould Technique From Dr Robbie Hughes, Dr Milad Shadrooh & our elite dentists

What’s included:

  • 3 Steps To Creating A Successful Modern Day Dental Brand

  • Patient Focused Dentistry

  • The Consultation Process For Smile Makeovers

  • Lab Communication & The Motivational Mockup

  • An Intro To The Injection Mould Technique

  • Live demonstration with one of our elite dentists

  • Live Case Study Discussions


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