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"Avant Garde Workflow has transformed my dentistry" - Dr Harrison Child

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Introduce yourself:

Hi, I'm Dr Harrison Child a cosmetic dentist based at Dental Excellence in Liverpool. My clinical focus is around minimal aesthetic dentistry and I mainly provide orthodontics, teeth whitening, composite bonding and ceramic work.

When did you come onto the Avant Garde Composite Veneer course?

I did the Digital Composite Veneer course about a year and a half ago now, in January 2020. It has really transformed how I do a lot of my composite work as I am using the technique with about 90% of my full composite veneer cases since coming onto the course.

You say it's transformed your dentistry, how do you mean?

Like I said, I'm using the injection mould technique in the majority of my composite veneer cases now because of the great results I'm achieving with every case. Working alongside the lab technicians in making sure the smile design is perfect has been a hugely beneficial stage in the process, they are incredible at what they do. I do have the privilege of working with them day in and day out so the communication is seamless.

I feel the motivational mock-up stage of this digital workflow enhances my patient's confidence and allows them to get involved in the smile design process. This means the final execution of the technique is pre-approved by myself and my patients.

The predictability of this technique is second to none, and allows me to put my focus into the final details of the smile makeover like the polishing and shaping. I believe this ability to pre-approve smile designs and intently focus on the polishing and extra details has really taken my composite veneer workflow to the next level.

How many cases are you doing weekly? and how long approximately are they taking you?

I am doing around 4-5 cases a week of composite bonding smile makeovers. Most of these are injection mould technique composite veneers. The composite veneer makeovers take me roughly 2-3 hours of active clinical work each time. At the beginning of the appointment, I retake all my before photos, and perform shade matching directly on the patient’s teeth so they are fully confident with the final colour before we get started. This roughly takes me 30 mins, and once the shade is chosen, I get straight into the workflow.

Would you recommend this course to others?

Yes. This course has transformed my dentistry not just in providing composite veneers, but also my clinical workflow with digital design and giving predictable results every time. If you think your composite work could do with some enhancements or you are just a beginner and just starting out with cases, then this course is perfect for you.


The next Avant Garde Digital Composite Veneer course is 10th & 11th September.

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