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RayFace 200


The innovation of digitisation

The RayFace 200 is an innovative scanner that reconstructs the natural smile in high quality 3D data for the most faithful rendering possible of the smile.This scanner can take multiple simultaneous shots of the face, from multiple angles, in just 0.5 seconds!


High resolution cameras and optimal lighting

This scanner has 9 depth and color sensors to capture the patient's face in detail.3D digital technology is safe for the patient, easy to use and provides a natural looking face


Unique design

The RayFace 200 will quickly fit into your practice thanks to the curvilinear shapes. It will perfectly complement your existing equipment and will increase the acceptance rate by your patients.


You won't need a studio with lights and a camera.


Key Features

• The high-quality 3D face scan data is automatically aligned with the intraoral scan data

• Provide accurate diagnosis and effective consultation with the patient's natural smile

• Accurate treatment planning and smile design to present a treatment plan that best fits the patient's facial features

• Excellent communication tool for effective consultation through comparison of realistic before and after images.

• Open system and precise automatic alignment with intraoral scan data

• Outstanding image quality acquiring high quality 3D face scan data from high-resolution cameras

• Superior design - the curved surface and soft colors of RAYFace provide comfort and a pleasant atmosphere

Rayface Facial Scanner

£19,850.00 Regular Price
£17,850.00Sale Price
VAT Included
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