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The intraoral scanner built to boost patient engagement including a MOVE+ system for more interactive patient care.

Instant heating and 45 min continuous scanning (for a new battery)

Approximately 80% after 300 cycles and 70% after 500 cycles.

3-6 hours depending on battery charge level when charging is initiated

Wireless Pod

WiFi Enabled

15.6” (16:9) touch display 1920 x 1080 resolution

5x TRIOS 4 scanner tips

TRIOS 4 Protection tip

TRIOS 4 Calibration tip

TRIOS 4 Color Calibration kit 

3x batteries Charger incl. power cord Wall mount kit for charger




SprintRay Pro 55s 3D Printer

Pro Wash and Dry

SprintRay ProCure 2

SprintRay Pro 55s Platform

SprintRay Die and Model Tan II

Crown B1, 500g

SprintRay Pro55s Resintank 4.0

1 x Smile Design Case (10 Units)

Trios 4 Move+ & SprintRay Bundle

VAT Included
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